July 27, 2016
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Westerly 61.1 is a celebration of Indigenous writing and culture. Guest edited by writer and researcher Stephen Kinnane, it features some of Australia’s most influential and award-winning Indigenous writers and artists.

As guest editor, Stephen describes the issue as a “testament to the authors, both those solicited and those who submitted, who have put hours of work into their pieces”. Within, you will find the work of 51 writers from right across the country, notably including Kim Scott, Tara June Winch, Melissa Lucashenko, Bruce Pascoe and Wayne Barker, as well as emerging authors Paul Collis and Alison Whittaker, artwork by celebrated Noongar artist Bella Kelly, and pieces from the Berndt Museum collection.



Edwin Lee Mulligan
Weather Patterns, Jimadilung

Alison Whittaker
The Sapling Barricades Of Trugernanner

Jannali Jones
Past Tense

Stuart Cooke

Philip Hall
Dawn Song

Brendan Ryan

Marian De Saxe
Yam Country: for Emily Kame Kngwarreye

Marian De Saxe
In Gondwanaland

Amy Hilhorst

Kevin Gillam
feeding Lake Disappointment


Tara June Winch
The Yield

Melissa Lucashenko
My Dear Child

Michalia Arathimos
The Conservation of the Stars

Katinka Smit
Behind the Line

Warwick Newnham
‘Jabbin Jabbin Kirroo Ka’

Creative Non-Fiction

Kevin Brophy
Introduction to Mulan

Stevie Micheal Hill-Kopp Junior
My Life in Mulan

Dermott Neach
My First Game on Mulan Oval

Doris Eaton, Lekkie Hopkins and Ann Ingamells

Dr Cheryl Kickett-Turner
Wind Spirit: Nanna’s Legacy

Professor MaryAnn Bin-Sallik
Truth and Consequence

Tom Stephens
Naming Rights

Caitlin Prince
Tomorrow, another will come

Kim Scott
Both Hands Full

Graham Akhurst
Clutching the Void

Paul Collis
Walking in Old Shoes

Paul Collis
Remembering Artists


Rachael Swain and Dalisa Pigram
Calling a Warning

Cheryl Narkle, Caroline Narkle and Annete Davis
Bella Kelly

Lily Bennion
Threaded Djon Djon figures from Goulburn Island

Moira De Angelis
A Story About Two Feather Baskets

Natalie Hewlett
Pwoja Jilamara

Margaret Nadebaum
Dilly Bag and Bark Paintings from Arnhem Land

Marian De Saxe
Yam Country: for Emily Kame Kngwarreye

Vanessa Wiggin
Bike and Rider

Eve Chaloupka
Empty Vessels

Sandy Toussaint
A Mix of Emotion

Brenda L Croft
Retrac(k)ing country and (s)kin: walking the Wave Hill Walk Off Track (and other sites of cultural contestation)

Elfie Shiosaki
Writing from the Heart

Clint Bracknell
Singing Back to the Archive

Sandra Phillips and Alison Ravenscroft
From the Earth Out: word, image, sound, object, body, country

Steve Kinnane in conversation with Melissa Lucashenko, Bruce Pascoe and Wayne Barker
Stories from the Front

Jacqueline Wright
Unburdening the World: Breaking the Cycle of the Perpetual Single Story

Karen Atkinson
Threshold: Reconfiguring the Past in ‘That Deadman Dance’

Pat Lowe
Two Sisters revisited


Danielle Binks
A Review of ‘The Intervention: An Anthology’

Phillip Hall
A Review of Olive Knight, ‘The Bauhinia Tree: The Life of Kankawa Nagarra Olive Knight’

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