November 20, 2023
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With writing and ideas from Eileen Chong, Caroline Hagood, Teneale Lavender, Angela Costi, James Salvius Cheng, Stuart Barnes, Lisa Collyer, James Stanwix, Daniel Ray, Shey Marque, Kimberley Knight, Anne Elvey, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Aditi Arun, Ana Brawls, Kirwan Henry, Brooke Dunnell, Miriam Wei Wei Lo, Tineke Van der Eecken, Liang Yujing, Matthew Crowe, Lawdenmarc Decamora, Carolyn Abbs, Barbara Temperton, Delilah Dennett, Isi Unikwoski, Leila Wright and many others…


Eileen Chong
Blood and Bone
Caitlin Maling
Endracht Hardyhead (Atherinomorus endrachtensis)
Declan Fry
平行移動 / Parallel Displacement: Four Haiku
Caroline Hagood
The Surface of Ghosts
Barbara Temperton
Angela Costi
Isi Unikowski
Library at night
Anne Elvey
Maria van Neerven
Liang Yujing
Qisha, 21 December 2012
Brent Cantwell
Anders Villani
Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Unrecorded Memoir
Lawdenmarc Decamora
Ode to Creeping Charlie as Gossip
Delilah Dennett
Emma Fuchs
Sitting in Wazemmes after the market packs up
Stuart Barnes
Starting and Finishing with a Line from Lisel Mueller’s ‘Cicadas’
Holly Hughes
When the storm comes
Jane Frank
Empty in the Middle
Teneale Lavender
Memories of a Tree
Giles Watson
Rattling Froglet
Maree Reedman
Birds of Paradise
Carolyn Abbs
It’s Why She Gave Me the Painting
Samuel Samba
I Second Guess Religion in Place of Humanity
Jess Thayil
Stun Guns
Elaine M. K. Helou
Sneha Subramanian
Kanta Curriculum
Lisa Collyer
Shey Marque
Self-Portrait as Sound
Thomas Hickmott
Windfield Road
James Stanwix
Looking across the bay
Lucy Zhang
What is Mine is Yours
James Salvius Cheng
Matthew Crowe
Rachael Clare
I Often Need to Remind Myself That I Am Alive
Hugh Coldwell-Ross
Series Regular
Bernadette Geyer
The Bag
Daniel Ray
Creative Nonfiction
Leila Wright
Monster Mouth
Wayne Mok
Finding My Way Home
Kimberley Knight
The Singing Bone
Writers’ Development Program
Aditi Arun
Aditi Arun
Junk Archive
Ana Brawls
Everything Ends in Samba
Kirwan Henry
Keeping and Collecting
Kirwan Henry
Elwood Beach
Kate Larsen
Poems, Place and Digital Space: online poetry in Australia, China and Hong Kong
Paul Mitchell
Prodigal Forgiveness in Tim Winton’s The Turning
Mid-Career Fellowship
Brooke Dunnell
Gone for Good
Miriam Wei Wei Lo
Translating Inheritance: finding contexts for my grandmother’s autograph album
Visual Narrative
Tineke Van der Eecken
Third eye to the sky

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