June 27, 2022
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With writing, artwork and ideas from Kerry Greer, Aileen Walsh, Kimberly L. Becker, Philip Mead, Jackson, Daniel Ray, Rikki Santer, John Saul, Kristin Sanders, Peter D. Mathews, Pidj Flavell, Emily Tsokos Purtill, Josephine Wilson, Prema Arasu, Jarad Bruinstroop, Miso Bell, Gayelene Carbis, Nathan Curnow, Jaes Bidwell and Melissa Kruger, Natalie Damjanovich- Napoleon, Shey Marque, Roseanne Dingli, the 2022 Westerly Writers’ Development Program participants and many others.



Kimberly L. Becker

Shey Marque
Patterns, Inconsistencies & Microaggressions

Gayelene Carbis
Red Horse by the River

Jurate Sasnaitis
Post-mortem | Poland

Rosie Moana Pickett
coloured diamond glowing lights

Philip Neilsen
Petrol Station

Meesha Williams
The Man Who Became a Street Name

My father’s toolbox

Rikki Santer
House of Bears

Stuart Barnes
How To Be a Good Gay in a Small Town

Nathan Curnow
The Wolf, the Goat and the Cabbage

Rhian Healy
Ode to Weeds

Rita Tognini
The Season of Silence

Nakita Humes

Ellie Fisher
Bodily Offerings

Peter Burges
A Rebirth

Kristin Sanders
Image 12. The tutorial

Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon
More Flies Than Stars

Andrew Menken
The (Mostly) Suburban Senryu Cycle

Pidj Flavell
The Shapes and Shakes of my Hands

Kristian Radford

Brenda Saunders
Yaama Ngunna Baaka: Dancing the River

Emma Jayne Willson

Shelly Beamish
Love begins

Joan Mazza

Jarad Bruinstroop
Late Summer

Zoe Barron
Lloyd hates women

Gale Acuff
Anyone who doesn’t like me is a

M. T. O’Byrne
Red Rattler Days

Ryan Mattern
Tree House


Donna Mazza

Martin Kovan

John Saul
Working with hippos (or how to get on with animals in times of pandemic)

Daniel Ray

Emily Tsokos Purtill

Rosanne Dingli

Miso Bell
Bye Bye Birdie

Jo Langdon
Bird Streets

Creative Non-Fiction

Jessie Berry-Porter
I write down my father and chase myself

Dani Netherclift
When alive, my brother bore no resemblance to mermaids

Aileen Walsh
Writing for Role-Playing

Olivia De Zilva
when the world shouts your name don’t forget to answer it

Kerry Greer
A Silhouette in Grey: life in the aftermath of suicide

Rose van Son
A Room for Solace

Mid-Career Fellowship

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
November 15th, 2017 (a fragment)

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
drag this poem

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Rubber Room

Writers’ Development Program

Emma Crook
End of the Line

Priya Kahlon

Clare Testoni
Graveyard Account

Review Essay

Peter D. Mathews
The Peace Offering: concluding Steven Carroll’s Eliot Quartet

Philip Mead
Toby Davidson, Good for the Soul: John Curtin’s life with poetry


Sophie Finlay
Ecofeminism, New Materialism and Lyric Subjectivity in Bonny Cassidy’s Final Theory and Megan Kaminski’s Gentlewomen

Randolph Stow Memorial Lecture 2022

Josephine Wilson
Not given, but taken

Prema Arasu
A Short History of the Ocean

Art Essay

Jaes Bidwell and Melissa Kruger

Jaes Bidwell and Melissa Kruger
be wary

Jaes Bidwell and Melissa Kruger

Jaes Bidwell and Melissa Kruger

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