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Westerly 38:1



Lawrence Bourke
A Place in History: The Ash Range, Landscape and Identity

Barbara Holloway
What Made the Sick Stockrider Sick? The Function of Horses and Fever in A.L. Gordons 'The Sick Stockrider'

D.C. McLaughlin
McAuley in Malley's 'Dürer: Innsbruck, 1495'

John P Turner
Tim Winton's Shallows and the End of the Whaling in Australia


Rosemary Dobson
A review of Philippa O'Brien's Robert Juniper

Lawrence Bourke
A review of On The Move: Australian Poets in Europe

John Mateer
A review of David Bromfield's Identities: A Critical Study of the Work of Mike Parr, 1970-1990

Terri-anne White
A review of Gabrielle Lord's Whipping Boy

Veronica Brady
A review of Andrew Burke's Mother Waits for Father Late


Bruce Dawe
Rooming at 240 Cardigan Street, Carlton

Faye Davis
A South West Sketch

Faye Davis

Dorothy Williams
Silent Night

Edwin Thumboo
Alphonso at Tea

Carolyn Logan
Free Fall

Debbie Westbury

Rory Steele

Dorothy Hewett

Dorothy Hewett
Yealering in the Mind

Bruce Brothers

Elizabeth Bennett
Pilot's Advice, Master's Orders

Megan Schaffner
Winter Journey

Dennis Davison
Postmodern Theatre

Rob Moran

Nancy La Monica
To Lose the Search

Connie Barber
A Season Without Sheep

Mark Reid
dead wood

Lawrence Bourke
Reading the Visible World


Yve Louis
Aurora Bay

Steve Holden
Mea Culpa

Wolfgang Wirf
Family on Canvas

Jenny James
The Dinner Party

Carmel Williams
The Kid

Doreen Pascal-Murray

Gail Watson
The Dance of Shiva

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