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Westerly 19:4


Hector Kavanagh
At the Change of Shift

Gary Langford
The Dying Man

Haygn M. Williams
Meeting Mister Ghosh

Margaret McMann
the green, green grass of home


Gary Langoford

F. Szacinski

Jennifer Maiden

Alec Choate

Terry Tredrea

P. A. Ducker

Kevin Bowden

Peter Loftus

Derry Parker

Peter Kocan

Andrew Lansdown

Antigone Kefala

John M. Wright

Jistina Williams


John M. Wright
Lyricism in Contemporary Australian Poetry

Graeme Kinross Smith
Frank Dalby Davison

Graham Rowlands
Countries and Cities—Not of the Mind

Veronica Brady
The obscenity of Pain: Bergman’s “Cries &Whispers”

J. S. Ryan
Judith Wright: Those ‘Aunts in the Close’and the ‘Re-mittance Man”


Veronica Brady
A.D. Hope: The Cave and the Spring

Hal Colebatch
Vicki Viidikas: Wrappings

W. Green
Robert Adamson and Bruce Hanford Zimmer’s Essay

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