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Westerly 41:1


Arabella Idge
On Thin Ice Skating

Chris Pigott

Kate James
The Go-Between

Rose Moxham
Cooking With Grace

Leong Tzu Ann
The Day’s Catch

Pam Harvey
Searching Kyoto

Nichola Ryan
The Ten Per Cent

Jo Gardiner

Steve Holden

Keryn Large
My Thin Men[/one_half last]
Susanna Easther
Old Joe


John Kinsella
Drafts, Place And All Possible Meanings

Goenavwan Mohamad
Imagining Australia

Beth Yahp
Place Perfect And The Other Asia

Susan Midalia
The Contemporary Female Bildungsroman


Tracy Ryan
Barbara Brandt

Zan Ross
Peter Porter

Carolyn Logan
Philip Salom

Stephen Magee
Paul Hetherington

Paul Kavanagh
Geoff Page

Dorothy Hewett
Thomas Shapcott

Louis Armand
Kevin Brophy

Miriam Lo
Craig Powell


Judith Johnston
Jan Bassett,Ed., Great Southern Landings

Tanya Dalziell
Carmel Bird’s, The White Garden

Antonio Simoes Da Silvo
Nicholas Jose’s Chinese Whispers

Subtitles Heather Neilson
Andrew Reimer’s, America With

Angeline O’neill
Debra Adelaide’s, The Hotel Albatross

Hena Maes-Jelinek
Veronica Brady’s, Caught In The Draught

Nicholas Birns
David Brooks’, The House Of Balthus

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