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Westerly 27:4


Judith Lazaroo
The Shedding

Meredith Michie

Peter Goldsworthy
Mandy’s List

Beth Spencer

J. W. Clark
Anticipating The Dawn

James Whitelaw
The Path

Russell Blackford
The Load On Her Mind


R. G. Hay

Jean Kent

Bruce Dawe

Jennifer De Garis

Leon Slade

Barry O’donohue

Doris Brett

Rod Moran

Diane Dodwell

Graeme Hetherington

Rivka Sholane

Mark O’connor

Heather Cam

Rory Harris

Andrew Burke

Dale Harcombe

Margaret Scott

Articles, Interviews, Commentary: Literature Of Western Australia         

Editorial Note   

George Seddon
The Persistence Of Place- Western Australian Literature

Adam Shoemaker
Fact And Historical Fiction: Ion L. Idriess And Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson Replies To Adam Shoemaker

Peter Cowan
A View Of Colonial Life: Hume Nisbet

Dorothy Hewett
The Garden And The City

Veronica Brady
Place, Taste And The Making Of A Tradition: Western Australian Writing Today

Adam Shoemaker
An Interview With Jack Davis

Greg Burns
Lawson On Westralia

Paul Eggert
Lawrence, The Secret Army, And The West; Australian Connexion: Molly Skinner


David Brooks
A. D. Hope, Antechinus: Poems 1975-1980

Dorothy W. Collin
Penelope Hetherington: The Making Of A Labor Politician

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