Digital Archive

Westerly 13:1


G. M. Glaskin
The Asking Price

B. Christou

Judith Clarke
Thank You Mrs Greenberger

Irene M. Summy
A Girl Named Chris

Judy Forsyth
A Chicken From The Farm


Rodney Hall
Young Mother: London

John Gooday
The Navigators

Joan Mas

Joan Mas

Eric Irvin
There And Not There

B. A. Breen
To Wake, To Flow

Margaret Irvin
Two Worlds

Views And Reviews       

John Reed
The Nolan Retrospective

John K. Ewers
The Genius Of Judith Wight

Felicity Haynes
The World’S Great Total Of Delight

G. C. Bolton
Australia’s Book Of Kings

Josephine Gibbon
Thomas Hardy

D. E. Hutchison
The Earth Around Us

Mary Szekely
Black & White Drawings

Tom Gibbons
Cover Design

Mary Szekely

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