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Westerly 62.1

COMING SOON: Westerly Issue 62.1

Here at Westerly we are gearing up to deliver our first print issue of 2017! Westerly 62.1 will be released in the coming weeks, so there is no better time to subscribe!

Featuring the work of 50 writers from across Australia including John Kinsella, Peter Rose, Jill Jones, John Mateer, Tricia Dearborn and Carol Jenkins, Westerly 62.1 is a rich mix of work from established and emerging Australian writers. Indigenous writers Hannah McGlade and Tony Birch have contributed wonderful pieces that add to our ongoing commitment to the publication of Indigenous writing. Strong creative nonfiction from John Weller and Dorian are testament to the keen editorial eye of our prose editor Rachel Roberston.

As always, the issue contains work by fantastic WA talent including Susan Midalia, Nandi Chinna, Daniel Juckes, Caitlin Maling and Dick Alderson. The issue also delivers work from the talented group of emerging writers from our inaugural Writers Development Program: Chris Arnold, Rachelle Rechichi, Sophia O’Rourke, Alexis Lateef and Amanda Gardiner.

Westerly 62.1 contemplates subjects that are challenging, thought-provoking, and deeply emotive. While this is not a themed issue, several themes emerge from pieces that deal with violence, rage and injustice. The pieces are an artful exploration of writing’s unique capacity to recognise, create, and respond to these important topics that makes Westerly 62.1 such a stunning issue.

Westerly 62.1, in addition to heavier themes, includes much that is playful and bright. Peter Rose’s irony and humour shine through his absurdist dialogue piece, and there are touching, hopeful insights in the writing diary of Fay Zwicky.

Our new issue’s consideration of the violence and rage that surround us could not have come at a better time. We live in an era that ricochets from hope to despair in minutes, and we hope that Westerly 62.1 can provide guidance for navigating and understanding these moments through the art of the written word.

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