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Westerly 62.2

Westerly Special Offer

From the start, Westerly has been committed to promoting culture and the arts in Western Australia, providing a platform for established and emerging writers and poets. Our ability to do this depends almost entirely on our readers; subscriptions are the life-blood of our magazine and without them we simply wouldn’t exist!

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We’ve been working away at our first print issue of 2018, and we’re quite sure that Westerly 63.1 is going to be magnificent. We’ve been thrilled with the submissions we’ve received, and we can’t wait to get everything finalised and sent off to the printer.

In the lead up to 63.1, Westerly is offering a special discount code to make this even sweeter for you.

Sign up to any new subscription before May 20th and you’ll get 18 months worth of Westerly content for the price of 12! Just use the special offer code SUBANDAHALF18 to receive issue 62.2 free, on top of the standard subscription for this year’s two new issues.

Westerly 62.2 builds on the Magazine’s historical interest in the nation’s position within the Asian and Indian Ocean region. We are very proud of the result: a vibrant anthology of creative transnational connection, and a further example of Western Australia’s openness to connections through, across and within the Indian Ocean. At 344 pages, the issue is the largest ever published by Westerly!

If you already have Westerly 62.2, we’ll happily send you another of our back issues, or we can send it to someone else as a gift on your behalf. This code can be applied to any of our subscription packages!

Make the most of this special offer, and get your hands on some of the best in new writing. Subscribe now!

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