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Westerly 62.2

Westerly 62.2 coming soon! New rates for contributors!

Westerly 62.2 builds on the Magazine’s historical interest in the nation’s position within the Asian and Indian Ocean region. The result is a vibrant anthology of creative transnational connection, and a further example of Western Australia’s openness to connections through, across and within the Indian Ocean.

At 344pp, the issue is the largest ever published by Westerly, showcasing the writing of sixty-five contributors from diverse cultures and locations. Combined, this work represents connections with and between twenty different nations.

Westerly 62.2 features three collaborative projects that use dual languages and translation to connect cultures in evocative ways: Japanese poetry in translation, work from the China-Australia Writing Centre, and a Korean-Australian writing exchange. The issue also includes our traditional mix of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, scholarly essays and reviews, with work from Ouyang Yu, Fan Dai, Josephine Wilson, Christopher Kelen, John Mateer, Sampurna Chattarji, Rina Kikuchi, Huang Yuanshen, Roanna Gonsalves, Agustinus Wibowo, Timmah Ball, Shane McCauley, Isabelle Li, Dennis Haskell, Liang Yujing, and many more. Written to theme, contributions generate a sense of a fluid cultural connection and interchange that overflows perceived national boundaries.

As Editor Catherine Noske notes of the issue: ‘It was imagined first with the concept of opening a creative space to foster these diverse cultural networks, and explore the connections embodied by that fluid space of ocean […] Reminding ourselves of our involvement in these currents of connection and exchange is part of remembering the universality of the human experience, even while it points simultaneously to difference.’

Westerly 62.2 is an important anthology of diverse and dynamic writings. It will be launched by Caroline Wood, Director of Margaret River Press and the Centre for Stories, at 6pm on Wednesday 13th December at The Orient Hotel in Fremantle. It will be available for sale in all the best bookshops from the 14th of December. A copy can be secured through pre-ordering.

Westerly 62.2 has been produced with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts and the Culture and the Arts WA (Department of LGSCI), providing funding for which we are extremely grateful!

In other news, we at Westerly are pleased to announce that we have revised our payment schedule for contributions to the magazine and website. Our new rates are:

  • Poems: $120 for one poem or $150 for two or more poems
  • Stories: $180
  • Articles: $180
  • Visual art/Intro essay: $120
  • Reviews: $100
  • Online Publication: $100

We aspire to pay professional writers Australian Society of Authors (ASA) rates when possible, given Westerly’s funding.

We also expect our contributing authors to be subscribers of the journal, and support the publication which is supporting them! For this reason, we ask that any authors selected for publication who are not subscribers accept a year’s subscription as part-payment for their work.

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