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These suggestions for classroom prompts have been written with some of the key concepts within the Western Australian syllabus in mind. They build off a selection of Westerly publications which might be read and analysed in more detail. These prompts should provide, at the very least, a set of exercises you might attempt with your students.

All tasks in these units of work are intended for formative purposes only. They are designed to monitor learning and provide feedback, to support teachers to inform their teaching and for students to inform their learning. All tasks can be adapted and expanded to become summative assessments, but should not be used as summative assessments in their current format.

Scroll down to read and download the teaching notes, offering classroom exercises and curriculum links, complete with links to the related Westerly material.

We are indebted to the ETAWA for their assistance and input in developing this resource! More resources will be added over time.

The authors of each section are acknowledged via the dropdown links below. Our thanks likewise to our fantastic authors!

Instructions for the Resource

All the texts cited in this resource are offered freely for reading and download via the links provided! Click on the title of each text and a pdf copy will open.

Accessing Westerly without an Institutional Subscription

If you/your school does not have an institutional subscription, you can still access the texts cited in the resources below via the links provided. But you will not be able to access or download other articles from Westerly‘s back catalogue.

If your school is interested in expanding on this access and taking out an institutional subscription, you can find more information about these subscriptions here.

Accessing Westerly with an Institutional Subscription

If you have an institutional subscription, your students might need these instructions to help them access titles across Westerly‘s back catalogue, as well as the texts in this resource.

Ensure that your students are following these instructions on a computer connected to your school’s network. (This ensures they have access to read Westerly material freely online.)

  1. Open your browser and go to: https://westerlymag.com.au
  2. Click ‘Digital Archive’ from the left-hand menu
  3. Type the title of the text into the ‘search articles’ box
  4. Select the text from the list below


  1. Open your browser and go to: https://westerlymag.com.au
  2. Click ‘Digital Archive’ from the left-hand menu
  3. Scroll down to the issue you’re looking for and select it
  4. Browse the issue for the required text and select it

NB. Students working from home will not be able to access the texts unless they are on a computer which is still connected to your school’s network (via eProxy or the like). This is because the Westerly institutional subscription functions through the IP addresses of computers designated as part of your school’s network. If you or your students are having trouble accessing Westerly at any point, please ask your school’s librarian to contact us and our web technician will help troubleshoot.

Westerly’s Teaching Resources

Please note that we will continue to add resources over time! Click on the title of a Westerly piece to link through to the published version. 

Online lesson plans for groups in Years 7-10, by Claire Jones

Lessons for Year 7-9s, by Melanie Hindley

Lessons for Year 9s (Literature strand), by Josefine Wang

Lessons for Year 11s, by Catherine Noske

Lessons for Year 12s, by Catherine Noske

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