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Some treats for the mind during self-isolation

The Westerly team is no stranger to the current necessity of self-isolation, with our hard-working staff now plugging away at their keyboards from home. Thankfully, we have your wonderful submissions to work through and keep us occupied. Responses will be sent out as soon as can be, so keep an eye on those mailboxes!

While you’re waiting, why not peruse the many and varied sources of entertainment available? In aid of maintaining your sanity as well as our own, we have put together a delectable selection of things to read, listen to, watch, and do.

The unique events that we are currently living through have meant drastic changes in the way we live our lives, and for many this means a period of struggle. We hope, dear readers, that you stay safe and healthy in this strange new world, and that something on our humble list may help to get you through these choppy waters and into the calm sea on the other side of the storm.

Something to read…

Starting off our diverse range of entertainment are ten works of poetry and prose to take you out of your self-isolation and send you soaring off on flights of wild imagination, straight from the vaults right here at Westerly. Enjoy!

A Whiff of Brimstone by Marion Halligan, 1985.

Jack and the Beanstalk by Anthony Lawrence, 1987.

Flight by Kathielyn Job, 1990.

Romany by Rory Steele, 1992.

Sojourner by Stephen Dedman, 1997.

Doors by Lisa Gerlach, 1998.

The Child by Bruce Dawe, 2000.

Jérome’s Happy Hour by Stephen Muecke, 2005.

Pleasure in Elysium by Louise Carter, 2014.

Both Hands Full by Kim Scott, 2016.

Something to listen to…

Next up on our little carousel is the latest episode of The ABR Podcast, featuring ABR Laureate Robyn Archer in a discussion about survival during these uncertain times and the alien landscape that we might face on the other side of this crisis. Interested? Click here: Surviving the Pandemic: Robyn Archer on living in a the time of Covid-19.

Something to watch…

Isn’t technology wonderful? These days you can even take a virtual tour of an art gallery and gawk at these amazing works of art from the comfort of your own home! We’ve carefully chosen a few exhibitions that we hope will spark your interest:

From the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery:
The Long Kiss Goodbye 
Boomerang – A National Symbol

From Art Gallery WA:
Pulse Perspectives 2019

From the National Gallery of Victoria:
Marking Time: Indigenous Art from the NGV

Something to do…

Book Clubs

Books clubs remain a fantastic way to discuss your latest literary conquest and explore unconsidered perspectives. With the aid of your favourite video conferencing app, there’s no need to cancel your carefully planned sessions. It may even provide heretofore unexplored opportunities, such as inviting along a Fremantle Press author to liven up the discussion. Click here to find out how.

Puppet Workshop

Are your children suffering from cabin fever after too long in self-isolation? Here’s a DIY project to give you some room to breathe.

Almost forty years and still going strong, the creative minds at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre have a gift for the struggling parents out there with a series of videos about making puppets with handy everyday items! Click here to watch.

A final word…

We are living in times unique for the upheaval in the lives of so many, but in such times it is just as important that we continue to live, support each other, and not lose sight of the little things that make life worth living. We hope that this post goes some way towards reminding you of that. Stay safe, and stay well.

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