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Westerly’s Institutional Subscriptions

‘Neither eyes nor hands know the way
in the still darkness
only the heart has its work’

—Misaki Takako, ‘Into White Darkness’ (Tr. Subhash Jaireth and Rina Kikuchi)

Here at Westerly we’ve been working away at our subscription offering for schools, universities and libraries. We understand that readers are changing and their libraries are keeping pace—with the ever-growing prominence of electronic texts, Westerly have offered digital-only subscription for some time, and we’re now happy to provide a solution that works for libraries.

Featuring hundreds of authors from over 60 years’ worth of issues, an institutional subscription to Westerly is incredibly valuable. Contributors include prominent Australian and international authors and critics, including major Western Australian writers such as Randolph Stow, T.A.G. Hungerford and Elizabeth Jolley; highly awarded contemporary writers, including Tim Winton, Sally Morgan, David Malouf and Kim Scott; and important poets like John Kinsella, Tracy Ryan, John Mateer and Lucy Dougan.

Westerly‘s institutional subscriptions work by whitelisting the IPs of all the computers within your institution, giving users complete 24/7 access to over 60 years of Westerly publications in our searchable digital archive, and exclusive and immediate access to our most recent issues. All publications are available for viewing and/or download, both as full issues or as individual articles. Click here to see the digital archive, where the contents for our entire back catalogue are available to browse. Once your institution is set up in our whitelist, all past issues and individual articles will be available to read and download. For just a few samples of the fantastic works available, see:

The institutional subscription opens up the full scope of Westerly online. We provide the ability to search by keyword, author and/or title across all issues. Because this functions through our domain, the subscription can be connected to library catalogues, and we are continually working to support the full listing of Westerly publication in your library’s search function. At present, work published in Westerly is indexed in APAIS: Australian Public Affairs Information Service and AustLit, the Australian Literary Online Database. Westerly is also cited in a range of other online databases (including the Arts and Humanities Citation Index, MLA Bibliography and Scopus) with the capacity to connect to library search functions.

An institutional subscription to Westerly is ideal not only for researchers, but also for secondary teachers—our package of lesson plans is coming soon; it will be available to all institutional subscribers.

Download one of our information packs for more details on Westerly‘s institutional subscriptions:

Click here for the institutional subscription application form.

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