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Westerly: SA

Online Special Issue—Westerly: South Australia

We are very excited to announce that Online Special Issue 6, Westerly: SA, is now available for all to read!

You can download your free copy here.

Bringing lively, powerful new writing from emerging and established authors across South Australia, Westerly: SA is an online must-read, free and available to all.

Guest editors Alexander Cothren and Amy Mead have collected prose, poetry and academic pieces exploring a wide range of concepts and ideas, through diverse literary and creative approaches. Westerly: SA  is fearless writing born of, and written from, the very heart of South Australia.

Authors include A. Marie Carter (who writes a nostalgic tale of homecoming and guilt in ‘Love Letters to Cities’), Rosslyn Prosser (who introduces us to the coastal lifestyle in ‘Map Failures’), and Annette Willis (whose series of photographs ‘Ordinary Hauntings’ bring blocks of colour to the issue in a strange and fascinating depiction of South Australia), along with many others—Stephen Orr, Jill Jones, Alison Flett, Raelke Grimmer, Jennifer Rutherford, Jonno Revanche, Philip Butterss, Piri Eddy, Cher Tan and more. An additional section titled Life Sentences, showcases the work produced by anonymous South Australian prisoners, displaying a variety of compelling, vivid poems and prose.

Westerly: SA presents quality writing sure to engage its readers the way it has engaged us. With the theme of South Australian culture and belonging prominent in this issue, it’s likely to make fellow South Australians nostalgic, and the rest of us itching to board a plane to see it for ourselves.

We are thrilled to share this remarkable issue with you, and hope you are just as rapt in the journey as we are.

Happy reading!

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