Westerly: SA

September 12, 2018
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Amy T Matthews
The Pub

Alison Flett
Adelaide I dream of you

Stephen Orr
Excerpt from This Excellent Machine

Raelke Grimmer

Jill Jones
All Shook Up

A Late Summer Fantasy

Jelena Dinic
J like Y

Jennifer Rutherford

Annette Willis
Ordinary Hauntings

Jonno Revanche

Thom Sullivan

David Thomas Henry Wright
Camel F

Phil Butterss
Australia’s First French Novelist: Marie Lion

Rosslyn Prosser
Map Failures

Piri Eddy
The End of the World

Cher Tan
The Streets are Haunted

A. Marie Carter
Love Letters to Cities

Life Sentences 2017

Jeremy Ryder, Dr. Michael X. Savvas

Edge of the World

Little Treasure

Some of the Guys

Day Leave

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