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October 17, 2017
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Guest Editor: Katie McAllister


Special Feature: A Maze of Story

Gae Oaten
The Power of Stories: A Maze of Story

Lara Balyuk (10 years old)
Vanessa’s Catastrophe


The Literature Centre
The Literature Centre: An Interview with Lesley Reece

Veronica Lake (Editor)
Primo Lux First Light

Erica Collins (2016)
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Henry Anderson (2009)
Irma’s Injection

Jenny Watson (2004)
george st festival

Raelee Lancaster
Journey back to language

Words Unspoken

Said Poets Society
An Interview with Benjamin Fincham-de Groot and Katie Bennett

Bec Kavanagh
Can fear of failing lead to a failure to succeed?

Shannon Coyle
Katharine’s Place

Bindy Pritchard
Warm Bodies

Special Feature: Five Tips for Young Writers

UWA Publishing

Margaret River Press

Fremantle Press


A bit about us …

Ishita Mathur
Getting to know Damsel Magazine

Laura Bullock
The closet of an audiologist

Caroline Sache
Xero Distro—Voices from out west

Meg Caddy
The West Australian Writing Community

Into That Darkness Peering

Maddie Godfrey
There’s A Poem On The Stove

Liz Newell
On Writing for the Theatre

Alone Outside

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