Westerly: Walking

May 19, 2016
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John Docker
The Flâneur under Water, the Flâneur as Dancing Star: creating a conversation between Walter Benjamin, T.S. Eliot, and Hannah Arendt – a Meditation

Megan Brown
Wander down Bourke Street

Nandi Chinna
Direct Address: The Beeliar Wetlands, a Place of Many Skins

Dr Julian Bolleter, Mackenzie Buck, Sam Sweetman
Going Public: Auditing Perth’s Public Landscapes for Urban Infill

Sherman Young
Flâneur 2.0

Dr Sunil Badami
The Boulevardier of the Information Superhighway: Disconnection and Discovery in the Virtual Global Village

Ross Gibson
Riding with the Mobile Oneiric Combinator

Stuart Highway Rhapsody


Catherin Bull
Scavenging the Suburbs: Auditing Perth for 1 Million Infill Dwellings

Mags Webster
A Review of Tracy Ryan’s ‘Hoard’ and Jan Napier’s ‘Thylacine’

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