Westerly: New Creative

September 26, 2016
issue contents

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Daniel Juckes
Paper Headstones

Marie O’Rourke
A Mystery Memoir

Ross Jackson
in singapore

Hessom Razavi
White Noise

Guy Salvidge

Laura Haddock

Ella Harrison
Off My Chest

Elizabeth Tan
This is not a treehouse

Rachelle Rechichi
The Bath

Sam Harris
The Middle of Somewhere

Renee Pettitt-Schipp
Portrait of a Poet Sitting with a Stone

Wendy Beach
Lessons in Enjambment

Francesca Sasnaitis
Mapping Coincidence

Emily J. Sun
Lacrimosa dies illa

Susan Braghieri
Black on Black

Elanna Herbert
Processing Afghan Asylum Seekers

Dylan Dartnell

Garry Henderson
Making Spears

Melissa J. Davies

Josephine Clarke

Kylie J. Stevenson
Seasons past

Susan Laura Sullivan

Miranda Aitken
it was in the summer

Amy Hilhorst
Mt Fuji Sunrise

Brenda Downing
Last Days

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