Westerly: Doppelgänger

March 27, 2022
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Jennifer Rutherford

Maria Takolander
The Writer and the Double

Marion May Campbell
Spooked by Nothing: ptyxing along the axis of dislocation

Kevin Miller
Double Vision: or what do you see when thinking about something else

David McCooey
Uncanny Allusions: Poetry, Film, and Filiation

Heather Taylor Johnson
Toying with the Doppelgänger: Vincent van Gogh’s Post-Impressionism meets my Post‑Ekphrasism

The Sick Room Redoux (on viewing The Bedroom at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam)

One Way to Dance Inside Van Gogh’s Painting (or ‘On Viewing Starry Night’)

Jill Jones
On the Double Lives of Poems

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