Westerly: djinda

November 1, 2023
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This issue showcases a collaboration of five poets under the curation of Elfie Shiosaki as guest editor. The issue was co-designed with the Perth Festival, which in 2023 worked with the Noongar community to celebrate the theme djinda, including in seeking cultural permissions for engaging with the theme and the use of Noongar language.

Elfie Shiosaki
From the Editor

Charmaine Papertalk Green
Ilgari Aba/Grandmother Sky; Minda Barna; Another Milky Way Journey

Riley Faulds
An Arid Sky; Star-Ciphering; Scattered Clouds; star machine

Shey Marque
Synesthesia through Binoculars (or When I thought I saw the Green Comet but it Was Only a Shooting Star); Watching the Lightning Strike; Sketch Poem of Fireworks at Dawn; An Exploded-Sonnet Sequence

Nadia Rhook
The Space of Space; Some Burning Questions about the History of the Southern Cross; a galaxy’s fervent ears; the stars have not yet burnt us

Kaya Ortiz
Bordertown, December 2018; Ghost story, Stelliferous

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