November 25, 2020
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With writing and ideas from Jeanine Leane, Robert Alexander, Annabel Smith, Nathanael O’Reilly, Matthew Chrulew, and many more.

Westerly 65.2 includes writing on Drew Pettifer’s exhibition “A Sorrowful Act: the wreck of the Zeewijk”.


Creative Non-Fiction

Caitlin Maling
In process: Seven months (almost)

Rachel Watts
A recipe for craft midpandemic

Tiffany Hastie
The Clay Face

Madeleine Hayne
Mid-Morning Funeral

Annabel Smith


Grace Yee
for the chinese merchants of melbourne

Robert Alexander
Muskrat Morning

William Virgil Davis
Deer Isle, at the Cottage

Peter Ramm
Fibro Daze

Riley Faulds
Electric All-Sky

Tim Edwards

Ella Jeffery
Soldier crabs

Kerry Greer
Circular Time

Nathanael O’Reilly
Duck Feast

Sophia Walsh

Anica Mancinone
Yellow canary in the dollhouse

Alison J Barton

David Thomas Henry Wright
[The future of the humanities in Australia] or; On {On Generosity, National Press Club address}

Dick Alderson
Easter 2020

Patrick Deeley
Begun Things

Poetry Debbie Lim
The Coffinfish

Andrew Sutherland
Arrival Time (in fifteen movements)

Anders Villani
Greensborough Plaza

Evangeline Riddiford Graham

Megan Coupland
Middle Distance

Jeanine Leane
2020 Vision

Stephen Magee
That night the owl

Kate Cantrell
Things You Lost in 2020

Rachael Mead
The S-word

Rae White

Zoe Barron
Fish flesh

Rita Tognini
Emily Dickinson Chooses—

Rosemary Stevens
Behind the Beat of Wings

Carolyn Abbs
First Footprints

Katrina Kell


Matthew Chrulew
Reel (Always Already Unmade)

Lal Perera
Sacred Heart, Animal Man

John Saul

Scott Limbrick

Andrew Roff
A Straight Line

Liam Brooks
The Education State

Atul Joshi
The Scent of Absence


Ambelin Kwaymullina, Karen Wyld and Elfie Shiosaki
Yarningup Aboriginal Women’s Storytelling

A Sorrowful Act: the wreck of the Zeewijk

Amy Lin
Wreck of the Zeewijk

Amy Lin
Glass onions, 1727


Brigid Magner and Emily Potter
‘Brothers and Sisters of the Mallee’: book talk between isolated readers across time

Zhong Huang and Wenche Ommundsen
From ‘Unreliable Man’ to ‘True Lover’: shifting images of Chinese men in writing by Chinese Australian women writers

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