July 3, 2020
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With writing and ideas from Felicity Plunkett, Nardi Simpson, Nicholas Jose, Tracy Ryan, Kevin Brophy, and many more.

Westerly 65.1 includes writing in support of victims of Australia’s 2020 bushfire disaster, and the latest group of emerging talent to pass through our Writers’ Development Program



Nicholas Jose
The Story of the Moon-Bone

Jessica Stewart
Exploring Attributes of a Successful Author–Editor Relationship in Creative Writing

Kevin Brophy
'Waves, Mountains, Wings and Sails’ Part Two


Nardi Simpson
Song of the Crocodile

James Turvey
Telepathy, Smoke and Violence

Donna Mazza
The Last of its Kind

Ben Mason
The Tyranny of History

Alex Philp

Laurie Steed
The Crazy and the Brave

Chris Fleming

Bryn Dodson
Whitby, August

Creative Non-Fiction

Linda Martin
I Went Looking for Mr Facey, Dad

Carly Stone
Touching as Feeling as Touching Again

Brigid Lowry
Angel Buddha Temple

Authors For Fireys

NE Le Beau
Domestic Violence

Alan Fyfe
A Hill Outside Yanchep

Julieanne Lamond
Reading Crisis: The politics of fire in Amanda Lohrey’s The Reading Group and Vertigo

Adele Aria
V for Vulnerable


Felicity Plunkett
One for Sorrow

Virginia Boudreau
Oyster Shell

Josephine Clarke
The Belt

Brenda Saunders
Echidna Chasm

Gabriel Furshong
Winter Flight

For Perspective

Anna Jacobson
Row F Seat 10

Aidan Coleman
Circuit, an elegy

Tamara Holmes

Eric Roy
Checkered Like a Flag Our Past

Jen Webb
At the end of everything

Marite Norris
The Queen of Death

Tracy Ryan

Paul Hetherington
Ship in a Bottle

Ross Jackson
The Red Dingo

Julie Watts
Waking at Night

Ella Fox-Martens

Chris Arnold
love in the time of covid19

Aileen Walsh
White Blankets I & II

Chloe Hosking
midwest october

Jazz Money
False Gods

Matt Hall and Sophie Finlay
Mass Death: murray cod, bream, gold perch

Isabel Prior
The Crayfish

Andrew Lansdown

Anne Elvey

Jonathan Dunk
(f)or this

Megan Kaminsky
A thing we ask entirely too much of

Writers’ Development Program

Kaya Ortiz Lattimore
On Wednesdays we play [ ]

Riley Faulds
Significant Tree Register

Mia Kelly
Thinking Banksias in Words

Thomas Simpson
Rubbish in Waiting

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