November 22, 2017
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With writing, translations and ideas from: The Melbourne-Seoul Poetry Exchange, the China-Australia Writing Centre, John Mateer, Rina Kikuchi, Dai Fan, Shane McCauley, Roanna Gonsalves, Elizabeth Tan, Dennis Haskell, Isabelle Li, Fiona Morrison, Agustinus Wibowo, Timmah Ball, Yujing Liang, Shane Strange, Ella Jeffery and many more.

Issue 62.2 continues Westerly‘s focus on writing and culture from the Indian Ocean and East Asian regions. Westerly 62.2 is a curated collection of work by more than 60 writers. It includes three special features of collaborative and cultural exchange writing between an exciting selection of Australian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese writers.


Special Feature: The Melbourne-Seoul Intercultural Poetry Exchange

Dan Disney, Jessica L. Wilkinson and Cassandra Atherton
Introduction: ‘bending in all directions everywhere’: a juddering, glimpsing, eidólonging of poets.

Lisa Gorton

Bonny Cassidy

Bonny Cassidy

Bo-Seon Shim

So-Yeon Kim

So-Yeon Kim
‘Coffin Bay’

Dan Disney
that winter, these protests

Dan Disney
spring, Hannam-dong

Kent MacCarter
Mujeongwiundong Mangwon-dong (North Korean blanket remix)

Yideum Kim
Ugg Boots

Yideum Kim
‘Face Made of Steel’

Jessica L. Wilkinson

Special Feature: Contemporary Japanese Poets in Translation

Misumi Mizuki
The Gift

Ishikawa Itsuko

Kawaguchi Hiromi
Welcome Home

Kono Satoko
Head Ache

Misaki Takako
Into White Darkness

Special Feature: The China–Australia Writing Centre

Lucy Dougan

Huang Yuanshen
A Passion for Australian Studies

Zhou Xiaojin
A Critical Survey of Chinese Journal Articles on Australian Literature in China 1979-2016

Translated by Iris FAN Xing
A Selection of Fou Chinese Women

Josephine Wilson

Fan Dai
Saturday Evening

Elizabeth Tan
A life, passing


Christina Lloyd
Dimples Whiskey

Mark Floyer
Post Tropical

Sampurna Chattarji
The Dictation Test: I

Sampurna Chattarji
2 sunken islands.
3 kinds of rock.

Reneé Pettitt-Schipp

Reneé Pettitt-Schipp
Weaving Ketupat on Pulu Cheplok

Ross Jackson
Oceania as I imagined it

Sanna Peden

Timmah Ball

Ouyang Yu

Christopher Kelen
how the hundred schools contend

Shane McCauley
Gion Shimu in Snow (Hiroshige)

Mike Heald
On the Theft of My New TV, or Watching with Ryokan

Elaine Barker
The Finger

Shane Strange

Dennis Haskell
Days without end

Mona Zahra Attamimi

Liang Yujing
Call Me Eugene

Rose van Son
Remembering Singapore

Shey Marque


Agustinus Wibowo
The Sea

Mohammed Massoud Morsi
The Home of Lost Angels

Mark Fabiano
Homecoming in the Garden of the Full Moon

Katinka Smit
The Blue

Roanna Gonsalves
George Jarvis, black hindoo servant, Port Jackson, 1809 (Preparatory Study)

Parvati Angana
God Willing

Bethany Rawson
Goji no Chaimu (The five o’clock bell)

Jennifer Banyard

Ann Dombroski
Siem Reap

Belinda Hermawan
Xié xie

Creative Non-Fiction

Ella Jeffery
A mirror in the dark

Caitlin Prince
Sitting on my grandmother’s skirts

Isabelle Li
The Aristotelian Questions

Rachel Watts

Gay Lynch
If You Hear a Baby Crying


John Mateer
Invisible Genres, or on the Virtual and the Actual

Siti Sarah Ridhuan
Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu & Yolngu-Matha—recognising familiar words in unfamiliar contexts

Fiona Morrison
‘A transfiguration of my local patriotism’

Dennis Haskell
Fay Zwicky and ‘the riddle of the self’s existence’

Yingjie M. Cheng
Modernism En Route


Jen Bowden
A review of The Permanent Resident by Roanna Gonsalves

Rebecca Harris
A Review of Billy Sing by Ouyang Yu

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