July 1, 2015
issue contents

Issue 60.1 features previously unpublished work from Dorothy Hewett, photography by Randolph Stow, and a strong collection of contemporary poetry, essays and short stories.



Dorothy Hewett
The Empty Room


Ben Walter
Timing the River

Nick Couldwell
The Same Weight as the Human Heart

Bel Woods
Jola Can

Kerrin O’Sullivan

Deborah Hunn
The Russian Boy

Mingjuan Tan
The Schizophrenic Flatmates

Donna Mazza
The Exhibit


Tony Hughes-D’Aeth
Spinning The Dreamers: Jack Davis and the Drama of Assimilation

Nandi Chinna
Poepatetics: walking and writing in the Anthropocene

Catherine Noske
In Momentum—Writing Place

Kate Leah Rendell
Encountering ‘Magnificent Country’: Randolph Stow at Forrest River Mission, 1957


William Byrne
Geoff Page

Paul Hetherington
Michael Farrell

Dick Alderson
A.R. Giles

Ian C. Smith
Aidan Coleman

Jonathan Hadwen
Jill Jones

Marcella Pollain
Marjorie Main

Susan Fealy
Martin Kovan

India Poulton
Anna Ryan-Punch

Stuart A. Paterson
Rose Lucas

Richard Schiffman
Kevin Gillam

Tim Edwards
David McGuigan

Molly Guy
Long Quan

Andy Jackson
William Miller

Wes Lee
Kia Groom

Ashley Capes
Rachael Mead

Nausheen Eusuf

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