November 2, 2014
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This special Western Australian/Asian edition celebrates Westerly’s 60th year of publication, with essays on each decade of its history.

It features work by Fay Zwicky, Paul Hetherington, Robert Drewe, John Mateer, Susan Midalia, Simone Lazaroo, John Kinsella and many others.



David Whish-Wilson
The Cook

Robyn Mundy

Mike Williams
Ironing with Leonard Cohen

Jose Dalisay Jr.
The Clarity of Things

Francesca Sasnaitis
City of Ghosts

Simone Lazaroo
Flying Home

Laurie Steed
One and Only

Nicholas Hasluck
Deaths Foretold

Richard Rossiter
Spirit Places

Rashida Murphy
The Moon Still Speaks

Rosie Barter
Not Sweet, Not Sweet at All

Susan Midalia
The Inner Life

Michelle Michau-Crawford
Happy Haven Holiday Park


John Barnes
Beginnings: 1956–1965

Elizabeth Webby
Consolidation: 1966–1975

Dennis Haskell
The Phoenix Rises Repeatedly: 1976–1985

Delys Bird
The Golden Years: 1986–1995

Paul Genoni
From the Nineties to the Noughties: 1996–2005

Tony Hughes-d’Aeth
The Little Magazine in the Digital Age: 2006–2014

Personal Essays

Marcella Polain
Micheline Aharonian Marcom and the hamam shoes

Mags Webster
A pattern more complicated’

Robert Drewe
Old Rags and Mojitos


Fay Zwicky
Shirley Lim

Fabiyas MV
John Mateer

Peter Bibby

Caitlin Maling
Meg McKinlay

Renee Pettitt-Schipp
Virginia Jealous

Vivienne Glance
Alamgir Hashmi

Zhu Jian (trans. by Yi Zhe)
Carolyn Abbs

Maree Dawes
Jake Dennis

Fiona Britten
Rozanna Lilley

Andrew Taylor
Alec Choate

Shane McCauley
Sue Clennell

Dick Alderson
Veronica Lake

Murray Jennings
Josephine Clarke

Catherine Wright
Andrew Lansdown

Jeff Guess
Graham Kershaw

Christopher Konrad
Kevin Gillam

Isabela Banzon
Paul Hetherington

Lucy Dougan
Barbara Temperton

Meredi Ortega
John Kinsella

Julie Watts
Alexis Lateef

Shey Marque
Bruce Dawe

Rachael Petridis
Alvin Pang

Roland Leach
Edwin Thumboo

Mitchell Flora Smith

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