November 2, 2013
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The Beauty Issue

The theme of 58.2 is the result of a panel discussion at the Perth Writer’s Festival in which a group including Dennis Haskell and Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery director, Dr Sally Quin, discussed the idea of beauty. Sally Quin contributes a conversation she conducted with three contemporary artists on the topic, including Pilar Mata Dupont, whose video installation is used as a basis for the cover design.

Guest edited by former editor Professor Dennis Haskell.

Please note that physical copies of this Issue have sold out but digital copies remain available (free to download).



Dennis Haskell
The Challenge of Beauty

Sally Quin
Some Thoughts on Beauty and Bliss

Carmel Macdonald-Grahame
On Behalf of Nature Poetry

Carmel Macdonald-Grahame
Clutching at Petals

Carmel Macdonald-Grahame
Oedo Chapel, Korea

Cathryne Sanders
The Beauty of the Australian House

Laurie Steed

Ali Alizadeh
The Beauty of the Dead Child

Simon Jackson
Burning Barbie

Jake Roseman
Eight Years and Four Months

Vivienne Glance
On drawing a stranger, unobserved

Josephine Clarke
Karri Hazel

Susan Lever
Strange and Beautiful

Deborah Hunn
Endless Winter

Julie Watts
The Queue

Miriam Wei Wei Lo
If I Want to Keep Beauty

Dennis Haskell
Make It New?


John Barnes
A Marriage of True Minds


Jennifer Compton
John Kinsella

George Gott
Anna Ryan-Punch

Miro Sandev
Michael Farrell

Simon Perchik
Rachael Petridis

Rebecca Law
Duncan Richardson

Jeff Guess
Andy Kissane

Mags Webster
Dick Alderson

Bev Braune
Mark O’Flynn

Matthew Rodgers
An Qi (trans. Ouyang Yu)

Geoff Page
William Byrne

Graeme Hetherington
Karen Throssell

Ted Mc Carthy
Rose Lucas

Carolyn Abbs
Sami Rafiq

Deborah Westbury

Lachlan Prior
Let’s Dance

Fikret Pajalic

Gabriel Don
Somewhere Else

M. T. O’Byrne
The Day Before Christmas Island

Shokoofeh Azar
The woman who went to stand there

Kate Elkington
A Boxful of Prophets

Mark O’Flynn
Turning the Other Cheek

Zdravka Evtimova
Happiness is a Simple Thing

Henry Ward
The Orator

Graham Kershaw
Stone Cold English


Rohan Wilson
Anxiety of Reference in That Deadman Dance

John Burbidge
Gerald Glaskin Revisited

Nicholas Walton-Healey
Where Blood Comes From

Jane Vaughan
Form, Artifice and Contemporary Australian Poetics: John Tranter’s ‘The Anaglyph’

Review Essays

Robyn Mundy
The Year’s Work in Fiction

John Hawke
‘Distant and kindred analogies’ in recent Australian poetry


Diane Fahey
Louise Carter

Beth Spencer
Paul Summers

Stu Hatton
Ross Jackson

Robert James Berry
Carol Millner

Corey Wakeling
Ian C. Smith

Rose van Son
Julie Watts

Yann Toussaint
Siall Waterbright

Gao Pengcheng (trans. Ouyang Yu)
Ron Pretty

Graeme Hetherington
Knute Skinner

Ross Donlon
Fran Graham

Jonathan Hadwen
Geoff Page

Wes Lee
B. R. Dionysius

Gary Allen

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