July 2, 2013
issue contents


Kevin Hart
Brendan Ryan

Richard James
Graham Nunn

Allen Zhu Jian (trans Liang Yujing)
Jan Napier

Shane McCauley
Graham Rowlands

Paul Mitchell
Marcelle Freiman

Nandi Chinna
Kevin Gillam

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Anna Ryan-Punch

Coral Carter
Jena Woodhouse

Eugene Dubnov (trans Peter Porter)
Jonathan Hadwen

Laura Jan Shore
Dick Alderson

Knute Skinner
Caitlin Maling

Eric Shaffer
Kent MacCarter

Andrew Slattery
Jenny Blackford

Ian C Smith
Susan Bradley Smith

Yann Toussaint
Graham Kershaw

Connor Weightman
Ross Jackson

Paul Venzo
Andrew Lansdown

Review Essays

Michelle Cahill
Aspects of Australian Poetry in 2012

Nigel Krauth
A Year of Experimentation


Paul Genoni
The Town Becomes A City

Fiona Duthie
The Representation of the Child in the Work of Gail Jones

Paul Giffard-Foret
Hauntologising Diasporic Difference in Simone Lazaroo’s Fiction

Alexandra Ludewig
Lives in Abeyance on Rottnest Island


M.G. Michael
The broken trumpet beneath the yellow moon

Smriti Ravindra
Meena Rani

Christopher Konrad
The Soldier’s Wife

Ann Lohner

Maria Takolander
The Obscene Bird of Night

Shokoofeh Azar (trans. Rebecca Stengel)
That’s What Its Name Is: Forget-me-not

The River Woman

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