July 1, 2011
issue contents


Pat Jacobs
Open Heart

M.G. Michael
The Yellowing Pages Of The Almanac

Brooke Dunnell
Heart Attack

Kate Whitfield
The Thirsty World

Tim Mccabe
An Allegory Of The Crow Man, Curlew And Frog

Review Essays

Paul Hetherington
Sometimes Difficult, Always Diverse: Aspects Of Contemporary Australian Poetry2010 –11

David Whish-Wilson
The Year’s Work In Fiction


Blaze Kwaymullina
Country Roads, Take Me Home; Prisons, Movement And Memory

Clare Rhoden
Innovation Meets Tradition In Brenda Walker’s The Wing Of Night

Michael Ackland
Matisse Is Jammed With Confidence’: Painting And Creative Inspiration In The Early Writings Of Murray Bail

Dennis Haskell

Bruce Dawe
To A Notable Literary Archaeologist

Bruce Bennett
The Civilising Value Of The Humanities

Shirley Geok-Lin Lim
The Mouse; Picasso

Page Richards
The Lyric Impulse In Dennis Haskell’s All The Time In The World

Chris Wortham
An Uncertain Smile: Humour In The Poetry Of Dennis Haskell

Geoff Page
The Journal

Isabela Banzon
Writing The Ordinary: Poets In Conversation

Megan Mckinlay
Paradigms Of Identity/Jumbles Of Words: Travels With Dennis Haskell

Miriam Wei Wei Lo
Ars Poetica


Kit Kelen
Ross Donlon

Adrian Caesar
Roland Leach

Rob Wallis
Christopher Konrad

Diane Fahey
Jo Mills

Jonathan Hadwen
Yann Toussaint

Matthew Hall
Bob Morrow

Annamaria Weldon
David Buchanan

Janet Jackson
Peter Bibby

Caitlin Maling
Mark O’flynn

Anthony Lynch
Helen Hagemann

Susan Hawthorne
Renee Pettitt-Schipp

Aidan Coleman
Maria Takolander

Graham Kershaw
Graeme Hetherington

Helen Gildfind
Rachael Mead

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