November 1, 2010
issue contents


Marcella Polain
Sleep without Cameras

David Hutchison

Helena Kadmos
Moving On

Richard Rossiter

Sophie Sunderland
The Roses

Amanda Curtin

Deborah Hunn
Just a Few Simple Questions

Barbara Temperton
House of the Red Witch

Georgia Richter
A Drink at The Retro


Richard Weller
Big Pictures

Jo Jones
History and the Novel: Refusing to be Silent

Rachel Robertson
Geometry of Echoes

Play Extract

Reg Cribb
Ruby’s Last Dollar

Randolph Stow Tribute

Randolph Stow
Clichés’, ‘Country & Western’, ‘Merry-Go-Round’

Gabrielle Carey
Moving Among Strangers, Darkly

Tony Hassall
Randolph Stow: A Memoir

Roger Averill
The Story of a (Post)Colonial Boy

Sam Dutton
Randolph Stow in Harwich

Bruce Bennett
Randolph Stow 1935-2010


Fay Zwicky
Tim McCabe

Alec Choate
Mallery Koons

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Peter Bibby

Flora Smith
Andrew Taylor

Roland Leach
Annamaria Weldon

Kevin Gillam
Meredi Ortega

Vivienne Glance
Paula Jones

Cas Rawlins
Dick Alderson

Josephine Clarke
Andrew Landsdown

Danijela Kambaskovic-Sawers
Sarah French

Janet Jackson
Helen Hagemann

Jenny de Garis
Sue Clennell

Graham Kershaw
Maree Dawes

Tim Edwards
Shane McCauley

Daniel Stavely

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