12-Month subscription: WDP and MCF Application Discount

February 21, 2023
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Thank you for your application to Westerly‘s Writers’ Development Program or Mid-Career Fellowship. We really appreciate you supporting the Magazine with the purchase of a subscription in the process. With this twelve-month subscription, you will receive two issues of Westerly, in both print and digital format.

Your hardcopy subscription has already been confirmed within our system, but please follow through the link here to ‘purchase’ this subscription product, in order to set up full digital access and a Westerly account. This will allow you to download the issues as many times as you like, either as .pdf or ePub. It will also allow you to notify us of any change of address. On setting it up, you will receive a gratis digital copy of issue 67.2 (2022) as a thank you!

Please use the code you have been provided with, in order to ensure you are not charged for this subscription! Please note, that if you do not set this subscription up in our system online, you will not receive any digital access with your subscription.

This is a 12-month (2-issue) subscription only and will not be automatically renewed. Download access will be available for issues 68.1 and 68.2 (2023). This subscription is only available to people who have submitted to our Writers’ Development Program or Mid-Career Fellowship.

For more information regarding Westerly subscriptions please check our Frequently Asked Questions, or refer to the Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please contact the team via westerly@uwa.edu.au.

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