Institutional Subscriptions

An institutional subscription to Westerly offers the flexibility of online access from anywhere within your institution. You will have complete access to current issues and our full back catalogue, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All issues are available for download, free to users within your institution’s network, as full books or individual articles. Westerly understands the pressures of modern research and library management, and we’re updating our services to match your expectations. An online-only subscription eliminates the expense of storing and lending physical copies of our magazine, and our articles are fully searchable through our website’s search function.

Since 1956, Westerly has published fiction, poetry, reviews, and scholarly articles by prominent Australian and international authors and critics, including major Western Australian writers such as Randolph Stow, Dorothy Hewett, T.A.G. Hungerford and Elizabeth Jolley; highly-awarded contemporary writers, including Tim Winton, Kim Scott, and Sally Morgan; and important local poets like John Kinsella, Tracy Ryan, John Mateer, and Lucy Dougan. Westerly is fully peer-reviewed and has an Arts and Humanities Citation Index listing. We are pleased to offer this resource to institutions around the world.

For institutions that wish to maintain and expand the collections in their stacks, we’re still offering our standard subscription that includes two issues of Westerly each year. If your institution takes out our new institutional subscription, those issues will be available at a new, discounted rate of $30 per year.

Information Packs

For more information and samples, see our information packs for secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

With the subscription, Westerly offers a secondary teaching resource, with lesson plans and suggestions for use of Westerly texts! Find this here: https://westerlymag.com.au/teachers-secondary/ 


Subscriptions to Westerly are priced according to the number of concurrent readers at your institution. We determine the likely number of readers using the size of your institution’s IP address range. All prices are in Australian dollars.

  IP Range Annual Fee Print Issues
Small institutions < 50,000 $205.00 + $30.00
Large institutions >= 50,000 $250.00 + $30.00

Westerly will automatically renew your subscription annually, unless you request otherwise. We will invoice your institution every year at renewal.

All members of the English Teachers Association of WA are entitled to a 10% discount on your subscription! 

Application Process

Please use the form below to request an institutional subscription. We need your billing details to issue you with invoices, a primary contact at your institution, and optional contacts for your office and technical people. Westerly uses an IP whitelist to grant you access to our digital archive. To set up our whitelist, we need the IP address range from which your users will access Westerly.

If you don’t have your IP range information at hand, we can help you find it with a whois search. To help with the search, visit this page from a computer on your institution’s network, and put that computer’s IP address into the “IP Range” text box below. The IP address of the computer you’re currently using is:

Once we’ve received your application form, we’ll begin configuring our system so that we can commence testing as soon as possible. This will usually happen within a week of your application. We’ll organise a testing time with you, so that one of our technical people will be available for troubleshooting while you check that you have the correct access to Westerly‘s digital archive. Once you’re satisfied with your access, Westerly will issue an invoice to your nominated billing address.

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