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Westerly 9:2


A. E. Sturges
The Discovery

Jill Hellyer
The Streamers

Malcolm Levene
Life After Death

Irene M. Summy

A. H. Kornweibel
Pianos On The Beach



Roland Robinson
The Pioneers

Griffith Watkins

Ray Sinclair-Wood
Rock Climbers

Rodney Hall
Tidal River

Norman Talbot
Lonely Girl Gathering Jellyfish

Dorothy Hewett
Dockyard Night Song

Robert Clark
The Girl In Every Port

Joan Mas
Two Poems

William Bunbury
Two Poems On Communication

Thomas W. Shapcott

R. A. Simpson
After The Assassination

Kevin E. Collopy
Lost Property Office

Rodney Hall
Man Lost

Charles Higham
For The City

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