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Westerly 9:1



C. Halls
Two Plates

Marjorie Rees
Mollie Skinner and D. H. Lawrence

M. N. Austin
What is the Good of Greek?

Jerold Heiss
The Italians of Perth

Ronald Taft
The Pattern of Australian Culture

G. G. Allen
Recourse to Failure?


Thomas W. Shapcott
A Song in the City

Thomas W. Shapcott
The Office, Father and Son

Thomas Riddell

N. P. Hasluck
A Man Upon the Beach

O. D. Watson
The Wandering Outlaw

Merv Lilley
Brumby Jones

Charles Higham
Rushcutter's Bay

A. H. Choate
Pearl Diver

Leonard R. Burrows
The Hippopotamus

Leonard R. Burrows
The Butterflies

Leonard R. Burrows
Wicked is the World

Leonard R. Burrows
The Cloud

Leonard R. Burrows
The Ladder of Love

Leonard R. Burrows
The Escurial


Judy Forsyth
Tiresias in Lodgings

Cherry H. Grimm
Instances of Woolmer

Frank Moorhouse
The Respectable Deviant

Dal Stivens

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