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Westerly 8:4


Kylie Tennant
The Antagonists

Judy Forsyth
Wind Of Change

Nancy Phelan
The Seduction



Rodney Hall
House On Fire

Ray Forsyth
Swallows And The Beloved Country

R. A. Simpson
The Escapist

M. Julian West
The Rite Of Spring

Ray Sinclair-Wood
Introduction To Love

Ray Sinclair-Wood
“What Thin Partitions Sense From Thought Divide”

Dorothy Hewett
Country Idyll

David Martin
Ballad In Three Sonnets For Guitar

Rodney Hall

Charles Higham
Jack The Ripper

Rodney Hall
Soon We Shall Separate

Charles Higham
Fob Joy Unspoken



Philip Parsons
A New Fortune And Shakespeare Studies



Fred Alexander
The University Was Not . . .



Patrick Hutchings
Guy Grey-Smith: Constructivist Painter


Literary Discussion    

H. B. Laing
A Latin Storm Among The Celtic Bards



Dorothy Hewett
Girl In A White Muslin Dress

John K. Ewers
Samples From A Catalogue

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