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Westerly 7:2/3



H. Drake-Brockman
Voyage to Disaster

Alexandra Hasluck
Yagan the Patriot

Mary Durack
The Priest Who Rode Away

Patrick Hutchings
Twelve Artists

Allan Edwards
The Tom Collins Bequest

Cyril Brown & Patrick Hutchings
Architectural Challenge: The Churched of Mgr. J. C. Hawes

Catherine H. Berndt
The Arts Of Life: An Australian Aboriginal Perspective

Tom Gibbons
Several Deadly Dogmas Of Modern Art

Alec King
Australian Poet and Settler—Tough or Sentimental

L. R. Burrows
A Mid-Victorian Faust

Allan Edwards
Riders in the Chariot—A Note on the Title

Trevor Jones
Music and the University—Variations on an Enigmatic Theme

Julius Kovesi
The Alienated Big Animal

L. R. Marchant
Shepherds In Buckram


Vivian Smith

P. W. Jeffery
Sonya's Toys

Olive Pell
Much Nonsense

David Rowbotham

Winter Walk
R. A. Simpson

Thomas W. Shapcott
Young Callisto

A. D. Hope
The Pleasure of Princes

P. W. Jeffery
A General Much Tired of War

M. Levene
The Refugee

James McAuley

James McAuley

Charles Higham

Vincent Buckley
Two Funerals

Thomas W. Shapcott

Griffith Watkins
The Cock on Saint Oswald's Spire

Olive Pell
The Raindrops Cannot Mingle

Alexander Craig
The Ceiling

David Rowbotham
A Twentieth Century Man

J. M. S. O’Brien
The Scholar

Vivian Smith
Note On Images

Gwen Harwood
In Hospital

Gwen Harwood
The Wound

R. A. Simpson
Twentieth Anniversary of my Father's Death

R. A. Simpson
For Alexander Craig

J. M. S. O’Brien
Epitaph For A Failed Free-Verse Poet

Griffith Watkins


Donald Stuart
To Each A Dream

John K. Ewers
The Portrait

Peter Cowan

Griffith Watkins
The Left Hand


Richard Sadleir
The Fortunes of Richard Mahoney

Jeana Bradley
London Stages, 1961

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