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Westerly 67.2



Shastra Deo
Fishing at Caer a’Muirehen: for my brother

Jill Jones
Somewhere Ago

Alan Fyfe
A Song for Saint Roch

Kirwan Henry

Izzy Roberts-Orr
He can hear all the animals

David Edwards
Autumn 1994: a Haibun

Anne Elvey

Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes
የከዋክብት መንገድ / The Journey of Black Stars

Riley Faulds
Scrubbing The Pool

Gary Allen
The source

Aditi Arun

Alisha Brown

Rozanna Lilley
El Dorado (after) life

Carl Walsh
hey, hey, the clouds are whey…

M. T. O’Byrne
The Antichthones

Ann-Marie Blanchard
Stone Cento

Nadia Rhook
Mayland’s Aerodrome (1926)

Ross Jackson
Under the skin of the Perth free transit zone

Rosie Moana Pickett
three generations

Esther Creek
summer of glory

Gemma Parker
What Distance Does

George Cox
Not Dithyrambs

Beth Spencer
The Murder of Little Joy

Sam Moe
I don’t sleep the whole summer

Zoe Barron

Ron Barton
Poor John (rah rah rah)

Lisa Collyer
The Rag Trade

Joshua Badge
fitzroy pool 2022 (dir. luca guadagnino)

Martin Kovan

Sam Morley
Salvage yard with children

Roland Leach
late night swimming


Richard Rebel
Golden Fleece

Fiona Wilkes
Quiet Love

Campbell Andersen
From Tateyama Cable Car/4–6

Matthew Hooton
Us Skeletons on a Blind Date, Waiting

Joe Baumann
A Tough Man to Love

Kira McPherson
Trolley Boy

James Walton
Waiting for Cache


Jennifer Allen
The Beginning

Creative Nonfiction

Zoe Deleuil
The tiger, the Grunewald, Judith Kerr

spoken by Marion Kickett and heard by John Kinsella, who responds
Walking Together on Country

Lauren Poole
Protecting Van Gogh from the Insane

Donna Ward
Fire Reveals Him: for Angela, Monica & Karen

Kyle Guest
What the bomb said to the photon

Mid-Career Fellowship

Caitlin Maling
The Poem in the Parrot, the Boy in the Bird


Peter D. Mathews
The Monstrosities of Modernity: Baudelaire’s legacy in Alex Landragin’s Crossings

Aidan Coleman
Cronulla Muse: John Forbes’ earliest encounters with reading and writing poetry

Photo Essay

Samuel Cox
On the Track to Tourmaline

Emma Crook
End of the Line

Visual Art

Michael Farrell
Trust in Goodness: four mixed media collages

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