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Westerly 66.2



Declan Fry
Life Assertions

Reneé Pettitt-Schipp
Elephant Rocks

Riley Faulds

Nadia Rhook
something specific about this boodja

John Catlin
Waiting for something

Elise O’Sullivan
Yesterday it came in the form of

Marc Vincenz
Switzerland 911

Emma Lee
How not to build a girl

Dana Sonnenschein

Amy Crutchfield

Sam Morley

Francesca Jurate Sasnaitis

Stephen Gilfedder
Canticle for a Dancing Man

Michael Mintrom
The Matisse Cut-Outs

Rose Lucas
Annunciation thinking of Fra Angelico

Holly Isemonger

Carolyn Abbs
Wet Check Shirt

Larry Blazek
The Curly-Haired Blonde

Larry Blazek
A Thin Dark-Haired Girl

Chelinay Gates

Helen Ivory
Heavens, yes.

Rachael Petridis
On Making a Garden

Shey Marque
Where fragile things meet ordinary air

Kirwan Henry
Last appointment of the day

Ron Wilkins
blind men at the gym

Isi Unikowski
Pumping Station

Steve Denehan
Of Service

Angela Costi
The Heart of the Advocate

Noemie Huttner-Koros
police liaison


Carol Lefevre
Life Support

Eliza Henry-Jones
Teeth and Knucklebones

Kim Aikman
Two Seasons

Soon Jones
Amateur Female Impersonator

Belle Butler
Prevailing Wind

Jasper Paterson
Tree in the Rock

Wendy Brandmark
The Building of the Half Shut Eyes

Creative Non-Fiction

Clare Murphy
The Kissing Disease

Danielle O’Leary
God bless those in the livestream

Josie/Jocelyn Deane
Renée Vivien in the Second/Various Persons

Josie/Jocelyn Deane
Sad Bakkhai

Josie/Jocelyn Deane
Free Sonnet

Josie/Jocelyn Deane
Uncertain Dawn

Josie/Jocelyn Deane
Free Sonnet

Josie/Jocelyn Deane
A Cry

Josie/Jocelyn Deane
Two Sonnets

Mid-Career Fellowship

Annabel Smith


Gemma Nisbet
Writing from Life and the Limits of Privacy in Gabrielle Carey’s Only Happiness Here

Dennis Haskell
Edwin Thumboo’s Votive Pen

Writers’ Development Program

Lisa Collyer
Maiden Shame

Lisa Collyer
In Search of Loss

Adele Aria
Fractals of Domestic and Family Violence

Ben Mason
Revival of a Dying Town

Review Essay

John Kinsella
Points of Emphasis: Vociferate|詠 by Emily Sun

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