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Westerly 64.1


Peter D. Mathews
Boochani Bound: A Promethean Meditation on Refugee Detention Centres

Ambelin Kwaymullina
Respect, relationships, renewal: Aboriginal perspectives on the worlds of tomorrow

Andrew Lynch
The Randolph Stow Memorial Lecture

Tony Hughes-d’Aeth
The Settler Colonial Farm Novel in Australia

Are You In Or Out?

Barbara Holloway
Writing on the Wind, Looking at the Local

Robyn Ferrell
Quairading 1960

Jennifer Rutherford
Homeward Flight


Elleke Boehmer
Two Excerpts from The Shouting in the Dark & other southern writing

Simone Lazaroo
Night Shifting

Donna Mazza
The True Tail™

Siang Lu
The Abortionist

Chelinay Gates
A Sorry Business

Mel Hall
The Bird in the Door

Julie Twohig
Flight Path

Creative Non-Fiction

Brooke Collins-Gearing
Listening to the Stories Woven Around Us

Ouyang Yu
Meditation on the Pointlessness of Poetry

Rosemary Stevens
A Late Flowering

Joan Fleming
Notes Toward a Theory of Making

Liana Skrzypczak
The Whiter the Socks

New Shoots WA (Red Room Poetry)

Nandi Chinna
Anatomy of a Lignotuber

Daniel Hansen

Luke Sweedman

Reneé Pettitt-Schipp
Jarrah (buying the block)

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Red Flowering Gum


Sarah Holland-Batt

Cassie Lynch
Five Haiku

Melinda Smith
The Space Inside His Fist

Christopher Konrad
Gwen Harwood’s Nightfall

Heather Taylor-Johnson

Shey Marque
Lost Wax

Brett Dionysius
On the Death of Astronaut John Young

Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Lola McDowell nee Kickett
We are

Anne Poelina
Balginjirr, ‘A Special Place on our Home River Country’!

Brenda Saunders
Singing the Land

Shari Kocher
One Infinity

Sandra Renew
making something into nothing

Kathryn Fry
The Earth Will Outshine Us

Josephine Clarke
van Gogh’s Digger in a Potato Field

Anne Elvey
Bracing Ground

Stuart Crowe
Melaleuca Suite

Jill Jones
This Path Is Our Season Tonight

Joyce Parkes
Premise, Promise

Rose van Son
No need to always buy

Rose Lucas
Outback Bowser, 1970

Veronica Lake
Cockburn Power Station

Angela Gardner
Look Away

Writers Development Program

Kyle Orton
at the hospice

Kyle Orton
axe handle

Nicole David
Winning Sadie

Andrew Sutherland
August Instructional

Andrew Sutherland
as if you were a pharaoh

Michelle Symes
There is a Wonderful Game

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