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Westerly 63.2



David Malouf
A Unique and Necessary Form

Wang Guanglin
Writer as Translator: on translation and postmodern appropriation in Nicholas Jose's The Red Thread: A Love Story

Ambelin Kwaymullina
Literature, Resistance, and First Nations Futures: storytelling from an Australian Indigenous women's standpoint in the twenty-first century and beyond

Beibei Chen
Bilingualism and Cultural Translation: on the dilemma of migration in Ouyang Yu's 'The English Class'

The Northam Noongar Poetry Project

Deborah Moody
Bilya Kep

Yvone Kickett
A Bush Walk

Janet Kickett
Story of My Life

Cyndy Moody
Humble Man

Julie Wynne
Rise Up and Be Strong

Creative Non-Fiction

Rose van Son
All of the Relatives

Cindy Solonec
Removed: an excerpt from 'Shared lives on Nigena country'

Mohammed Massoud Morsi

Pete Mawhinney
The Otway's Panther: a creative non-fiction


Fiona Dorrell
Age of Dust: a review of Walking with Camels: The Story of Bertha Strehlow


Anne Elvey
(without you)

Rose Lucas
Namatjira's Ghost Gums

Paul Hetherington

Michael Farrell

Steve Evans
Take It

Ella Jeffery
Hotel del Coronado

Sue Peachy
Robin, Morghyn, Mother

Brendan Ryan

Roland Leach

Julie Watts
Like Icarus

Chloe Hosking
abrolhos excavation

Rita Togini

Nadia Rhook
Settler Meets Sky

Dan Stavely
A Steely Nerve

Geoff Page
A Wave

Tim Edwards
New Waves

Carolyn Abbs
A Victory Grin

Amy Lin
The Architecture of Grief

Kathryn Hummel
Gracenotes & Endnotes


Wayne Price
If You Can't See Me, I Can't See You

Troy Dagg
The Pool

Kira McPherson
The MaƱana Approach

Emily Paull
From Under the Ground

Jane Downing
Caution Submerged Steps


Julie Dowling and Elfie Shiosaki
Sovereignty, Self-Determination and Speaking Our Freedoms: an interview with Julie Dowling

John Kinsella and Fay Zwicky
Interview with Fay Zwicky (1995)

International Prose Poetry

Carrie Etter
The Message

Vahni Capildeo
Divination: Linen and Dolphins

Mariko Nagai
Occupied State

Jane Monson
The Patchwork Boy

Holly Iglesias
Suitable for Framing

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