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Westerly 63.1


Special Feature: Sun Yat-sen Residency

Fan Dai
Terrace Talk

Mandy Coe
Duoyishu, Bada, Tiger's Mouth

Luis H. Francia
Do Not Ask a Mountain for Its Passport

Priya Sarukkai Chabria
Mutations 1

Jonathan Morley
Except from 'The New China'

Kristina Hočevar
Except from 'exercising the edge'

Special Feature: The Indian Quarterly

Ranjani Murali
Mother TV: Posthumous Greeting for My Beloved Disbelievers, Played on Loop

Nitoo Das
from a Meghalaya Travelogue

Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
Before Sunrise


Philip Neilson
Westerly Wind

Antonia Pont

Ross Jackson
Elizabeth Quay approaching

Paul Collis
Lean Streets

Paul Collis

Natalie Harkin
Blood-Sonnet Chronicles

Stuart Barnes
from Binary Tree Poems

Marcelle Freiman

Josephine Clarke

Jane Monson
The Secret Life of Mud

Shey Marque
After the Late Night Joys

Chris Mansell
Night Fox

Toby Davidson

Donna Mazza
Blue Tongue

Stu Hatton
a final room

Rachael Petridis
Night Beach

Kristin Henry
The Neuroscience of Old Love

Matt Robinson
Against the Wedding Invitation Ampersand

Linda Bradbury
somebody called this place 'Snake Hill'

Mags Webster
Hot milk

Kate Middleton
Ritual Exchange

Anna Ryan-Punch
No Money

Graeme Miles
Ash and salt

Laurie Smith
Bokhara Tea


David Mohan
Durer's Hare

Alison Martin
Star Atlas

Julia Prendergast

Rachael Mead
The Weight of Things

Beejay Silcox
Bushfire Moon

Creative Non-Fiction

Mohammed Massoud Morsi

David Carlin
Love Lane (the work of writing)

Samantha Trayhurn
Green Shadows: Venturing into Gerald Murnane's Plains

Dougie Nelson
Sovereign Peoples, Sovereign Stories: Welcomes and Acknowledgements of Country Aboriginal Worldviews

Claire G. Coleman
The Risks of Question Time: Not So Black and White

Marie O’Rourke

Matthew Hooton
Thirteen Monkeys and an Ageing Emu Run Amok through the Ruins of Oracle City

Suvi Mahonen
Coming Home

Amanda Gardiner
Through pools of light to get to the dark—reflections on Batavia: Giving Voice to the Voiceless


Kathryn Hummel
Outing the Unwritten: reflections on academia and the field in Bangladesh

Leonard M. Collard
Katitjin Ngulluckiny Boodjera: Kura, Yeye Mila Boorda

Dan Disney
Elemental Affect, Computational Forms: Jordie Albiston's Euclid's dog


Brenda Saunders
Review of False Claims of Colonial Thieves

Writers Development Program

Maddie Godfrey
Hoping Mechanisms

Alana Hunt

Vidya Rajan
Pre-emptive mourning

Vidya Rajan
Panic Attack

Wesley Robertson

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