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Westerly 61.2



Eric Shaffer
Walking Zone

Ella Jeffery
Bond Cleaning

Lea McInerney

Stuart A. Paterson
The Atheist's Prayer

Ignatius Kim
Christchurch stopover

D. A. Hosek
Chicago Sonnet #5

Alice Allan

Liam Ferney
Woman in transit

Josephine Clarke
Child in a Suitcase

Anna Kerdijk Nicholson
From 'Notes toward a lesser consolation'

Lucy Czerwiec
Abrolhos (after Batavia)

Caitlin Maling

Brett Dionysius
Southern Boobook Owls

Rose van Son
Flora Abundance

Les Wicks
Kyeemagh's Sunny April

Anne M. Carson
The filament of the body

Robbie Coburn
For my father, at last

Dick Alderson

Ron Pretty
New Wine

Tim Edward
The Literary Ant

Paul Hetherington
Inchings and Belongings: After Paul Strand

Paul Munden

Alyson Miller

Anne Elvey
Skin world


Caitlin Prince
Native Animal

Zoe Deleuil
Travelling to the Motherland

Donna Mazza
Love in Two Parts

Karen Atkinson
Everybody Knows

Raelee Chapman
The Gardener

Joanna Morrison
Night Road to Ceduna

Creative Non-Fiction

Marie O’Rourke
Lessons in the Domestic Arts: A Sampler

Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes and Rebecca Higgie
Born Free, Created Poor: Coming of Age in Ethiopia

Heather Taylor Johnson
Skydiving for Twenty-Two Year-olds (and Thirteen Year-olds and Forty-Two Year-olds)


Cate Kennedy
The Empathy App

Timmah Ball
In Australia

Ouyang Yu
'A Bilingual Force Moving in Between': memories of a bilingual animal

Vanessa Wiggin
Thai Miniatures

Siti Sarah Ridhuan
Kain Songket

Jo Jones
Feeling through Form: Kim Scott's 'Benang' and the Romantic Poetic

Nicole Moore
Performing 1981: Dorothy Hewett's 'The Chapel Perilous'

Amy Hilhorst
Prose Poetry and Painting with Words: in Coversation with Paul Hetherington


Lika Posamari
Hope ascends with a foot in each world

Marie Munkara
There is Life Here: A review of 'Two Sisters'

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