Digital Archive

Westerly 59:1


M.T. O’Byrne
The Day Before Christmas Island

Shokoofeh Azar
The woman who went to stand there

Kate Elkington
A Boxful of Prophets

Mark O’Flynn
Turning the Other Cheek

Zdravka Evtimova
Happiness is a Simple Thing

Henry Ward
The Orator

Graham Kershaw
Stone Cold English


Rohan Wilson
Anxiety of Reference in That Deadman Dance

John Burbridge
Gerald Glaskin Revisited

Nicholas Walton-Healy
Where Blood Comes From

Jane Vaughan
Form, Artifice and Contemporary Australian Poetis: John Tranters's 'The Anaglyph'

Review Essays

Robyn Mundy
The Year's Work in Fiction

John Hawke
Distant and kindred analogies' in recent Australian poetry


Diane Fahey

Louise Carter
Pleasure in Elysium

Beth Spencer

Paul Summers
the shortest day

Stu Hatton

Ross Jackson
The Garden Outside

Robert James Berry
Red Flower

Carol Millner

Corey Wakeling
The Exile

Ian C. Smith
No Mercy on Robinsons Road

Rose van Son
Meatworks, Caversham

Julie Watts
My Mother's Sculpture

Yann Toussaint
Notes from the Thames Path

Siall Waterbright
Fore Word

Gao Pengcheng

Gao Pengcheng
Beach in Winter

Ron Pretty
The Flowering Hills

Graeme Hetherington
With James McAuley and Georg Trakl In Vienna

Knute Skinner

Ross Donlon
Death in Rome

Fran Graham
I Hear You, Jackson Pollock

Jonathan Hadwen
The storm settles into rain

Geoff Page
Nine Words

Wes Lee
Tiny Father Circa. 1997

B.R. Dionysius
The Resurrection

Gary Allen
The ambassadors

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