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Westerly 58:2


Dennis Haskell
Introduction: The Challenge of Beauty

Sally Quinn
Some Thoughts on Beauty and Bliss: A Conversation with Three Contemporary Artists

Carmel Macdonald Grahame
On Behalf of Nature Poetry

Carmel Macdonald Grahame
Clutching at Petals

Carmel Macdonald Grahame
Oedo Chapel, Korea—

Cathryne Sanders
The Beauty of the Australian House.

Laurie Steed

Ali Alizadeh
The Beauty of a Dead Child: Art, Violence and Negativity

Simon Jackson
Burning Barbie

Jake Roseman
Eight Years and Four Months

Vivienne Glance
On drawing a stranger, unobserved

Josephine Clarke
Karri Hazel

Susan Lever
Strange and Beautiful: David Foster's Sons of the Rumour

Deborah Hunn
Endless Winter

Julie Watts
The Queue

Miriam Wei Wei Lo
If I Want to Keep Beauty

Dennis Haskell
Make It New?


John Barnes
A Marriage of True Minds: Leonard and Elizabeth Jolley


Jennifer Compton
Like a Butterfly

John Kinsella
Overtures of Travel and Home

George Gott
I Was a Boy

Anna Ryan-Punch
Treasure maps

Miro Sandev
the obsolete is a rose

Michael Farrell
A Title Is A Promise

Simon Perchik

Rachael Petridis
Rufous Night Heron

Rebecca Law

Duncan Richardson
under a fresh sky

Jeff Guess
When I Was Young

Andy Kissane
Dylan Thomas incontrovertible

Mags Webster

Dick Alderson
Listening in Bed

Bev Braune
no longer a lonely place

Mark O’Flynn
Big Edna

Matthew Rodgers

An Qi
Leaves in Beijing

An Qi
Beginning with July

Geoff Page
The Exhalations

William Byrne
Perfume Letter

Graeme Hetherington
Hotel Terminus, Vienna

Karen Throssell
A Truffula Tree? (apologies to Doctor Seuss)

Ted McCarthy

Rose Lucas
Under the Wave

Carolyn Abbs
age sixteen

Sami Rafiq
Lessons For a Muslim Girl

Deborah Westbury
Julia and the Four Dollar Clock


Lachlan Prior
Let's Dance

Fikret Pajalic

Gabriel Don
Somewhere Else

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