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Westerly 57:2


Tiffany Shellam
Tropes of friendship, undercurrents of fear: alternative emotions on the 'Friendly Frontier'

Rachel Robertson
The Air that Falls: ethics and aftermath


Clint Bracknell
Re-imagining Frontiers: a reflection on Tiffany Shellam's Shaking Hands on the Fringe


Kim Scott
A whisper in stone

Blaze Kwaymullina
Frozen Colonial Soldiers: Aboriginal Research and the Archives

Alice Pung
Writing about my Father in Her Father's Daughter

Frank Moorhouse
The First Negotiation, Amorality, and Temerity

Benjamin Law
Network Til It Hurts

Alison Kershaw, Graham Kershaw
Hallowing Dark Diamonds


Rozanna Lilley


Jennifer Compton
The Dutch Widow

Diane Fahey
My Mother's Garden

Diane Fahey
Their House

Jill Jones
The Slide

Ross Donlon
Reservoir: a place where something is kept in store

Judy Johnson
Saint Kevin and The Blackbird

Graham Kershaw
The Heywood Spire

Christopher Konrad
The Window onto the Bay (after Kafka)

Michelle Leber
In the Voice of a Tree

Andrew Taylor
A view of the garden

Robyn Rowland
Shaping the Dark

Kia Groom
Paper Teeth

Ron Pretty
Daisy Chain

Belinda Rule
Family photos

Eabhan Ni Shuileabháin
Her Husband's Hand

Brett Dionysius

Caitlin Malin
The path to the dam.

Maria Takolander
Eliza's shipwreck

paul summers

John Kinsella
Storm Approaching Where We Would Be If

Bruce Dawe
Employment Problem

Marjorie Main

Mark Lyall
Essay on Cartesian Dualism

Mags Webster
The Before & in the After

Nigel Ellis
if I wanted

Shane McCauley


Lucy Neave
Love Animals

Laurence Steed
The Knife

Robyn Mundy
The Forgeries

Breton Dukes
A fear of eels

Nicole Sinclair
The Nest

Marcella Polain
A Calf is an Animal

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