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Westerly 55:2



Jo Jones
History and the Novel: Refusing to be Silent

Creative Non-Fiction

Richard Weller
Big Pictures

Gabrielle Carey
Moving Among Strangers, Darkly

Tony Hassall
Randolph Stow: A Memoir

Roger Averill
The Story of a (Post) Colonial Boy

Sam Dutton
Randolph Stow in Harwich

Bruce Bennett
Randolph Stow

Play Extract

Reg Cribb
Ruby's Last Dollar

Creative Non-fiction

Rachel Robertson
Geometry of Echoes


Fay Zwicky
Reasons for Play

Alec Choate
El Alamein at Night

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
wet is the world she weaves

Flora Smith

Roland Leach

Kevin Gillam
higher than ever

Vivienne Glance

Cas Hunt
River Hunt

Danikela Kambaskovic-Sawers
A Migrant Writer on the Bus (Thinking of Kundera)

Janet Jackson
am I not?

Jenny de Garis
This Rainstick

Graham Kershaw
Blind Run, Wilson Inlet

Tim Edwards
Those Rottnest Bags

Tim McCabe
Linguistic hooks iny nj

Mallery Koons

Peter Bibby
Small Things

Randolph Stow
Randolph 'Mick' Stow: Cliches

Randolph Stow
Country & Western

Randolph Stow

Andrew Taylor
Ave atque vale, Maxi

Andrew Taylor
For Beatrice, on her 60th birthday

Annamaria Weldon
Light and dark lie together

Annamaria Weldon
Flying late light

Meredi Ortega
library of the nautilus

Meredi Ortega

Paula Jones
Ward K

Dick Alderson
The Blue Sock

Andrew Lansdown
Elijah and the Ravens

Sarah French
Bullet Proof

Helen Hagemann
Log Ride, Hansaland Germany

Sue Clennell

Maree Dawes
Our Mothers

Shane McCauley
Sun in an Empty Room

Daniel Stavely
Blue Ink


Marcella Polain
Sleep without Cameras

David Hutchison

Helena Kadmos
Moving On

Richard Rossiter

Sophie Sunderland
The Roses

Amanda Curtin

Deborah Hunn
Just a Few Simple Questions

Barbara Temperton
House of the Red Witch

Georgia Ritcher
A Drink at The Retro

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