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Westerly 55:1



Mike Heald
Putting Words in the Buddha's Mouth: An Analysis of Judith Beveridge's 'Between the Palace and the Bodhi Tree'

Charles McLaughlin
Patricia Hackett: A Life (1908-1963)

Myint Zan
Shortened Cigars Stained with Nostalgia Tears

Enid Sedgwick
An Australian Germanophile: Formative Influences in the Early Development of the Writer Catherine Martin


Giovanni Messina
An Interview with Antonio Casella 'On leased land': The Sensualist by Antonio Casella


Bronwyn Lea
Annual Poetry Review 2009-2010

Carmen Lawrence
Science Writing as Literature

Elizabeth Webby
The Year's Work in Fiction: 2009-2010


Diane Fahey
What Herons Know

Jill Jones
To Hold Onto A Map

Jen Jewel Brown
Flying into Perth

Yang Xie
Detail: Bird's Nest

Duncan Richardson
The Bee Whisperer

Graham Nunn
January 29, 2009

Rhodora Penaranda
Liturgy of The Hours

Kit Brookman

Judy Johnson
The Navigations of Rose de Freycinet

Syd Harrex
Blood Bank

Jazra Khaleed

Adrian Flavell
the seduction

Graham Rowlands
The Snake

Barry O’Donohue
My Time in Vietnam

Geoff Page

Jesse Patrick Ferguson
Grave Rubbing

Ali Alizadeh
Sky Burial

Ali Alizadeh
Us & Them

Marc Swan
44th and Broadway

Graema Miles
Ariadne on Naxos

Anthony Lynch
Blood Plums

David McCooey


Susan Midalia
Parting Glances

Joanne Riccioni
Flick Chick

Martin French
Blinded by the Light

Sari Smith
The Disappearance of the Mother

John Saul

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