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Westerly 54:1



Michael Wilding
Expatriation, location and creativity

Robert Dixon
Home or Away? The Trope of Place in Austraian Literary Criticism and Literary History

Jenny Strauss
Building the Heart or Troubling the Mind?

Perpetua Durack Clancy
Eddie Burrup - A Daughter's View

Louise Morrison
The Art of Eddie Burrup

Ted Snell
The Fantasist: Elizabeth Durack and Eddie Burrup

Per Henningsgaard
From Soundings to Yeera-muk-a-doo: The Early Years of Fremantle Arts Centre Press

Charles McLaughlin
Adventures in AustLit: The Goldfields Bards of Western Australia

Susan Sheridan
Dorothy Hewett's Paths to The Chapel Perilous


Susan Midalia
This Year's Work in Fiction 2008-2009

Julian Croft
At The Crossroads: Australian Poetry 2008-2009

Tony Simoes da Silva
We're One and Many: Rembering Auto/Biographically: The Year's Work in Non-Fiction 2008-2009


Susan Hawthorne
Maruts: Storm Demons

Mark O’Flynn
Night of the Big Wind

Caroline Caddy
Great Southern

Rob Wallis
To No Avail

Rhodora Penaranda

Andrew Heath
On This Last Morning

Jean Kent
Native Jasmine for Jennifer

Miriam Wei Wei Lo
Margaret River

Roland Leach
For my mother

Kevin Gillam
The Watchful Moth

Rory Harris

Marlene Marburg
Kew Gardens, London

Paul Fearne
I Have Walked Between the Wind and the Dying Light

Jenny Schwartz
While I am walkabout, who will tell my heart to beat?

Richard Davis
Markay I

Fiona Wright

Shane McCauley

Cameron Fuller

Ashley Capes
The Jacket

Benjamin Cornford
First Harvest

Shevaun Cooley
Lacrims Simonides

Meredi Ortega
Emu in the sky

Robyn Cadwallader
Blanket Bay, Victoria

Anne Elvey
Something gentle enters the sea

Aidan Coleman
Barely dressed for sleep

Christopher Kellen


Stephanie Dickinson
Dalloway & Hannah's Womb

Ramesh Avadhani
The Night of the Lotus

Simone Hughes
Where Mammon Meets the Desert

Joanne Riccioni
The Moment in the Draughty Church at Smokefall

Marc Wohling
The Give Up

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