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Westerly 52



Andrew Taylor
'To love that well': Poetry and Autopathography

George Raitt
Waiting For A Sign From Home: Fay Zwicky and Gerhard Marcks' Der Rufer

Susan Hosking
Colebrook Home and the Disappeared Past

Hilary Emmett
Rhizomatic Kinship in Kim Scott's Benang

Alison Bartlett
Bleeding in Fremantle: Embodying Trauma in Craig Silvey's Rhubarb

Creative Non-fiction

Ross Bolleter
The Well Weathered Piano: a study in ruin


Lyn McCredden
'So you make a shadow': Australian Poetry in Review 2006-2007

Peter Piecer
Westerly Non-Fiction Review 2006-2007

Anthony Hassall
The Year's Work in Fiction


Carmel Macdonald Grahame
At Eyre

Deanne Leber
Constellation: Triangulum Australe (Southern Triangle)

Maria Takolander
Franz Kafka

Maria Takolander
Jorge Luis Borges

Jean Kent
Mr Stern

Roland Leach
Charles Darwin and Emma Wedgewood: Three Poems

Mark O’Flynn

Helen Hagemann
Life on the Stairs

Knute Skinner
A Version of the Muse

Sarah French
Stupid Question: A Brokeback Sonnet

Anthony Lawrence

Jeff Guess
Melbourne Cup

Graeme Hetherington
The Escorial

George Toseski
Crack and Vanish

Syd Harrex
No Sweat!

Alf Taylor
'Hear This, You Elders'

Andrew Slattery

Susam Hawthorne
Anthem to the Green Tree Frog

Jennifer Compton

Jill Jones
The Thought of an Autobiographical Poem Troubles and Eludes me

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
A Descendant

Shane McCauley
Dante in Exile

Graham Rowlands
Dirty Talk

Jenny de Garis
Two Giraffes


Richard Lawson
Mirror Man

Angella Whitton
The Angelus Boy

Benjamin Cornford
Jehovah's Witness

Jennifer Robertson


Peter Newman and Trevor Hogan
George Seddon: pioneer of regional environmentalism

Lucy Frost
Remembering Elizabeth Jolley

Tim Winton
Remembering Elizabeth Jolley

Brian Dibble
Mr Berrington and the Geometry of Love in Elizabeth Jolley's Family Home

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