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Westerly 50


Robert Drewe

Sari Smith

Peter Manning

Antonio Casella

Simone Lazaroo

Kim Scott

Alf Taylor

Tess Williams

Stephen Dedman

Van Ikin

Marion M. Campbell

Terri-ann White

Rebecca Smith

Kate Lyons

John Saul

Sarah Hay

David Wilkinson

Ouyang Yu

Chris McLeod

Marcella Polain


Delys Bird and Dennis Haskell
Fifty Years with a Blue Pencil

Bruce Bennett
Westerly Through the Rear-View Mirror

Michael Ackland
In the Service of Complex Truths: The Aims and Art of Robert Drewe's Fiction

Myint Zan
Minthuwun: A Tribute to a Gentle Burmese Poet

Karen Welberry
'They have to come sooner or later if you stick at'em': horse-breaking as metaphor in Australian cultural discourse

Robert Dixon
Tim Winton, Cloudstreet and the field of Australian literature

Review Essays

Kerryn Goldsworthy
The Year's Work in Fiction

Robert Dixon
Internationalising Australian Studies: non-fiction 2004-2005


By Graeme Kinross-Smith

Peter Cowan, Collector Of Bottles

Mary Durack, At Her Home In Perth, WA.

Randolph Stow, At The Family Grave Plot. Sand Springs

Station, Geraldton, WA.

T. A. G. Hungerford, WA. Writer

Judah Waten, In His Study. Box Hill, Melbourne

Australian Writers At Poetry Reading, Adelaide Writers’ Festival


Caroline Caddy
Diminished Responsibility

Caroline Caddy

Lucy Dougan
Young Boy with Daffodils

Lucy Dougan

John Kinsella
From A Garland of Perversities

Kristen Lang
the artist pretends to feel

Jessika Tong
The silver parchment

Miriam W. Lo
Bumboat Cruise on the Singapore River

John Mateer
Singapore and the Real

D. J. Huppatz
The Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou

Ouyang Yu
The Kingsbury Tales: Li Hongzhang's tale, a fragment

J. P. Quinton
Not A Single Presupposition, Except My Ignorance

Shirley Geok-Lin Lim
Future Past

Syd Harrex
Place and Identity in New Australian Poetry 2004-2005

Megan McKinlay

Meg McNena

Jean Kent
Travelling with the wrong phrase books

Tracy Ryan
Curriculum Vitae

Tracy Ryan

Adrian Caesar
Paris Sponge

Roland Leach
My Father's Pigs

Andrew Lansdown
White-faced Heron

Andrew Lansdown
Rising Upriver

Michael Heald
The Poets

Michael Heald
The Metaphor-spark

Barbara Temperton
The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife

Philip Salom
Sections from The Man With a Shattered World

Ross Bolleter
Late sonata

Jeff Guess
Somewhere on the Shelves

Stephen Muecke
Jérome's Happy Hour

Paul Fahey
Taking to things

Diane Fahey

Shane McCauley
Turtle Lake, Villa Doria Pamphili

Shane McCauley
Rig Veda Consequences

Nigel Gray
Ali Ismaeel Abbas

Linda Weste
From the notebooks of Maud Gonne (1866-1953)

Louis Armand
The Balcony

Syd Harrex
Dear Sue Letter

Fay Zwicky

Sarah French

Andrew Taylor
The Ivy Room

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